10 Things I Wished I Knew Before I Started Bloging

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So I have been blogging for the past 3 years.. Yaaay me and I have not made a dime from this, and working on how to do it. I am now getting serious about it am try to make it a business out of it.

I am sharing what, I wished I knew before I started in this blogging, vlogging and influencer world.

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               Why I Started Blogging

               Why I am a Lifestyle Blogger

My 10 Things

  • The hard work, that goes into creating a post ,photo, Video. People tend to only see the finished product, but not the hard work it takes to get content out to the world.
  • SEO it is some thing, I am still struggling with but I am learning it and understanding it.
  • Wished I had learned web design,  at least finally learned it and had that in my back pocket. This also goes for coding. This is not a requirement but it is good to have in your back pocket, it is an added skill.
  • Be prepared for rejection from brand’s and company’s, some tend to say No.
  • How expensive it is, especially if you venture into fashion or beauty blogging and blogging. Because you have to buy products from the brands you want to receive free products from before you start receiving them to review. Buying equipment like a camera, lights, Flat lay props and backgrounds. Although you can Strat vlogging by using your phone.
  • Learn the basics of taking videos and photos of yourself and editing. Get comfortable being in front of the camera and doing it in public.
  • Be prepared,  for people not to understand what your chosen career, it will cause they won’t understand you being a digital creator.
  • Be prepared to be semi-broke, and struggling digital creator, I am one, try to make money off affiliate programs, but no one is buying anything.
  • Blogging has long hours. But so does any other career.
  • Blogging is not glamorous, I am not always attending parties or events ( haven’t gotten an invite to some events). I spend 50% of my time in pajamas or sweatpants in my bedroom working and learning how to better my blog.
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I hope these things, help you decide if you want to join the digital content creator world. And if I missed anything let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to share.

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  1. As a new blogger, I personally needed these tips. This was such an informative post😊😊

    1. Thank You and you welcome plus am glad i could help

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