10 Types Of Self-Care

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10 Types Of Self-Care

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We have made, it to the last post, I hope by now you have got some Ideas for Self-care and you have learnt how important, it is to our mental and physical health.

If you are going to need a reminder of the previous posts

So I am going to share my 10 tips of self-care.

10 Tips/Types Of Self-Care

  1. Take a spa day, get a massage, you’re nails done and facials.
  2. Put your phone down, at least 1 hour a day
  3. Work out: Take up yoga, start going to the gym, talk a walk,bike and hike.
  4. Take a nap: occasionally take a nap at least an hour and not everyday, you will wake up refreshed.
  5. Step away from a project and screens in your life.Come back to the project with fresh eyes.
  6. Read a book, to get away from your current reality 
  7. Take up meditation: Practise to be mindful and present.
  8. Take a vacation, and also take a day off to take yourself on date.
  9. Catch up on your current movies and series.
  10. And finally block out at least one weekend a month and do absolutely nothing.

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