20 Facts About Me

Hey Earthlings….

Now this one, once I started writing things down, I went past 20….

  1. Am shy and an introvert
  2. I have two different personalities one when am drunk, I more an extrovert my inhibitions are down but when I am sober i go back to be being the shy, introvert.
  3. I am a bitch at times, I can be nice but don’t mistake my niceness/kindness for weakness.
  4. Tomboy at heart
  5. Only Child, thus I am sort of spoilt brat
  6. I talk to myself sometimes
  7. I am a creative person by nature
  8. I am an observer thus is why I am quiet
  9. I am a cancer survivor
  10. I tend to gravitate towards guys, has friends because sometimes girls are too much drama
  11. I am a opinionated person
  12. I am sometimes calculating, so don’t cross me
  13. I have temper a mile long, takes awhile to get me mad but once I am there it is not funny
  14. I am a giant child at heart
  15. I am a goofball at times
  16. Daddy’s girl
  17. I can turn off my emotions and be indifferent at times
  18. I am sometime arrogant
  19. I am old school, meaning I like being courted, I would never approach a guy,
  20. I don’t work well with others but I can be a team player when i need to be
  21. I am clumsy, you should see me changing bulbs in my apartment it is chaos with the near death experiences.
  22. I have an evil side that, I have completely accepted and embraced it.
  23. I sometimes give great advice.
  24. I am loyal.
  25. I will be blunt when i need to be.
  26. I am paranoid thanks to my dad.


Signing Out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl.


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  1. We seem to have a bit in common

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