2017 Recap

“I love my body, I love my skin
I am a goddess, I am a queen”

By Jessie J: Queen

Hey Earthlings……….

So it is the last day of the year 2017, here is a little of what has happened in the world this is going to be in list form in some part

Firstly we lost Chester Bennington, Chris Cornel, and Hugh Hefner this year.

Donald Trump was sworn in and I personally think he is going to start world war 3 with the way he is ruling.

Us in Kenya had to Elections, we were the first country that the supreme court in the world nullified a Presidental election and had to be repeated.

My camera got stolen and my Laptop died.

Vampire Dairies, Bones, Teen Wolf and Pretty Little Liars ended this year, the tv will never be the same again.

Apple admitted to slowing down the older iPhones, as to make people upgrade.

There was a solar eclipse.

Mugabe finally stepped down.

Prince Harry is off the market.

Rihanna took the beauty world by storm with her Fenty Beauty Line

Khloe Kardashian is pregnant, Kylie hasn’t confirmed yet

Justin Beiber had another breakdown.

We have to wait till 2019 for the Last season of Games Of Thrones, This last season was insane, I am planning to rewatch all the seasons when I have time.

I began this post with a song lyrics from Jessie J, the song is called Queen, I think we are in a place in our lives that we should stop listening to what people or what society dictates is beautiful and embrace our own unique beauty and we should celebrate it. Also this year most of my high school mates, got married and some became first time mothers, congrats to all of them and enjoy and celebrate this new journey/path you are on.

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Happy New year Earthlings be safe, don’t Drink and Drive tonight and make memories

Signing Out on Last Time for the year 2017 Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl

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Song Of Post: Heavy By Linkin Park Ft Kiiara



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