30 Something Facts about me!!!!

Hey Earthlings!!!!!!

     Hope Y’all are doing well…….

Happy birthday to me!!!!!!

So I turn a year older today, man…two more years before I hit the BIG 3.0!!!! ( sort of scared out of my mind about it).

This birthday post will be a  little, different, I am going to post, facts bout me, I sort of realised, I never posted a post about me so am changing that….

I am also officially launching my travel vlog called “Ngoma Travels, The Chronicles” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-HRI8aAT_-_a8pz_Hx53GA?view_as=subscriber , check out my video So earthlings please subscribe and like and also follow my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Before we get facts about me, let me say a couple of things.

I am thankful for my 27 years on this earth, I thank the man upstairs for getiing me this far. I am not where, I would like to be, in my career or in my relationship status (since I am currently single),but I am choosing to trust my path and journey.

I have a few  business ventures that I am planning to start from my travel vlog and possibly  a make-up business.

I will not be making any resolutions or goals like my pervious birthday posts, this time… but I do plan to go back to yoga and possible join gym because, getting my mental and physical health is on top of my list. I will try a post on my blog twice a week’s be prepared to be reading new content, my instagram is get a new look, and be prepared to see new video’s at least once a week. I am hoping to get latest reach 500 followers in all my social media pages, by the end of the month. 

So onto the facts:-

Facts About Me

I speak fluent sarcasm , most of the time and it pisses my mum off most of the time.

I am a lover at heart

I tend to overthink everything

I am sometimes prideful, a snob and down right rude

I am down to earth

I am loyal and a big believer on trust

I am God fearing, I am spiritual and I am part buddhist , although I think I am, cause I contact with some of the practise 

I am a cancer Survivor 

I am nice and most people mistake it for weakness, but I am a  bitch and mean when I want to be.

My best friends both guys, don’t consider me a girl sometimes cause am too much one of the guys.

I tend to drive like a guy and I have road rage.

I noticed lately I have control issues and also anxiety

I am proud to be a Kamba and Kikuyu 

I tend to gravitate towards guys, to be friends with.

I love sneakers, but I also look hot in heels too.

I have temper, but it takes awhile to get me pissed but when, I do God please help you.

I became a loner, and quiet good at it.

I love tattoos, I currently have 15 and planning to add more.

I am daddy’s girl

I am an Introvert, and shy, so making friends is hard for me, so people have to make the first move, this goes for guys too, but unless I am under the influence the possible all bets are off.

I am creative, I also appreciate creatives.

I talk to myself a-lot.

Yes, I am currently single, and sorta looking.

I can’t date guys shorter than me or my height, it won’t work.

I rarely get along with girls, unless your in my family or our personalities click, then we will be great friends.

I am quiet, I tend not talk in a new crowd of people or places.

I used to have a high tolerance of alcohol, but not any more, It happens when you don’t drink the same has before.

 When it comes relationships, I am old school meaning that I would, like to be wined and dines and maybe occasionally spoiled with gifts, courted and to be treated like a lady( I wondered why am still single, cause I refuse to comprise), but the truth is I have reached a point in my life where, I know what, I want from a man and a relationship,I the take actions of a man more seriously then what comes out of his mouth.

I am still accepting gifts……

Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl

Song Of Post: Suited (rmx) by Shekhinah ft Mr Eazi 


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