What The Blog Is About

Be Fearless in Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire.

By Jennifer Lee

Welcome Earthlings

Out of place Kenyan lifestyle blog, which focus on Lifestyle,Health & Fitness, Hair & Beauty, Fashion and Travel.

The main objective of my blog is to inspire my readers to be there best selves in a world where we are told of how to act and how to be, we never dare to take the time to discover ourselves, and be our authenticate selves, and to also build a community to empower women and men.

So I want to give my readers aka Earthlings some insight into my life, and that may inspire someone into living their authenticate selves.

The other reason is, I was living in a new city starting over, fresh of a break up, read an article that said, I should start a Journal at a certain age but am not pen to paper person to constantly write my feelings down on paper, this isn’t my first blog I have another, but this one I take seriously.

This is blog is going to act has a voice of my inner- ramblings, an insight into my life, thoughts, inspiration has well as my future portfolio, I don’t have an exact topic, I want to write about so am going to go with the voices in my head tell me to post.

So be prepared for anything and everything, take the journey with me has a discover new things, new people and re-learn about myself.

I Plan, God Laughs”  and “Going With The Flow” these are the motto of the blog.

Come With Me Where Dreams Are Born And Time is Never Planned.

by Peter Pan

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