A Letter To My Younger Self (16)

Hey Earthlings… It is my birthday eve….yaaay I am super excited.

So am supposed to write a letter to my sixteen-year-old self, about what I wished, I would have known at that age. So here goes nothing……

Hi sixteen-year-old Angie, well this is weird, I am meant to write a letter to you about what I wish I knew. Here is the thing life never gets easier, plus it is never that serious, all the lies that people tell you about being an adult is not all that is cracked up to be…Adulting is hard people.

But they are some good parts in life, you will enjoy college, but please don’t go too crazy, you are about to “O” Levels even when a pass or fail, please take a year off learn, who you are, what you what to do for your future.

Do not follow what people or take the suggestion on what you should study in college, you should ask your mum and dad to let you travel or leave the country when you are 18. Being shy & nice will be your downfall because you should be able to fall-in-love as much as possible.

Our parents should have let us go public or private boarding school because it took us a while for us to grow up but we got there and we became independent.

Honey when you first fall in love, it will hurt like a bitch, but you will learn from that mistake and we will be better for it. I wished we would have learned to trust the path/journey that has been set out for us, so baby please trust in the man above has got a plan for us and it may take a while but we will get there eventually.

Your love for tattoos and piercings will never end, but research about the person who is going to mark your body forever, because down the line you are going to cover up one of the tattoos, and we could have avoided that.

Embrace, your weirdness, individuality, originality. Take time to love yourself, being a little of a loner is not a bad thing, because you are going to enjoy, the silence and you will learn a lot about yourself.

Learn who your real friends are,don’t feel bad when some friends stay longer than others,they are meant to teach you lessons, let them go, it is for the better to let them go, learn to speak your mind, we have a temper and it gets worse, but we are getting better in handling it.

I hope, I have made sense and I wish this advice was there when we are sixteen and wondering who we are, and trying to figure out where we fit in this crazy, big world, and take your time and enjoy your journey you are on.

And lastly it is okay to fail and fall down..all that matters is how you how you get up. Be happy in life.

And Kick, Push and Coast baby.

Signing Out Ramblings Of Kenyan Girl


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