Why I Became A Lifestyle Blogger

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If you ever wonder why I became a Lifestyle blogger, this post is about that.

I have a personality that tends to get bored if I am constantly doing the same thing. I have to be constantly motivated and challenge and doing different things work for me. That’s just how my brain works, so variety is what my blog is about.

So before I started my blog, I did research on which niche, that would be best suited for me, you would think that since I studied fashion marketing and merchandising, that I would start a fashion blog, but if you look into how much time and hard work it takes to post an outfit post, not saying that being a lifestyle or any other blogger in a different niche is not hard work and time-consuming. I might have studied fashion and I love it and I am passionate about it, but I couldn’t run a fashion blog for a long time and with the fact, I wanted to monetize my blog, It would sort of minimize my chances since every 20 something tends to always start with a fashion blog. I have a tendency to go against the grain, plus the Kenyan market is a bit too saturated with fashion bloggers.

So I did what I wrote about in my last post in case you missed it here is the link  https://www.outofplacekenyan.com/2017/10/16/definition-lifestyle-blog-blogger/. I sat down to meditate, reflected and researched, I wrote down my favorite things that with my personality never changes and they are:

  1. Photography
  2. Travel
  3. Fashion
  4. Food
  5. Health and fitness
  6. Hair and Beauty

That plus I reflected on my life, on where I am in my Life, where I am going and the path and decide I can be semi-personal on the blog and maybe my past experiences can help someone in the same current situation I was in.

The one Vision that is guiding my blog is the Voices in my head are my guiding light, that is how I run my blog. The other thing is when I started my blog I was in my last year of my advanced diploma, plus a needed a creative outlet, and I needed a way to build my photography and marketing portfolio.

Being a lifestyle blogger and have a lifestyle blog fits into my personality,plus it has the freedom the evolve and change with my life and that is a great thing for me, because I won’t always be single, or looking for a job, Living in Kenyan and won’t always be in my 20’s.

I hope this post has inspired you to start a blog or helped you decide if being a lifestyle blogger is for you.

Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl

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  1. I enjoyed this post! It’s hard to pick a niche isn’t it?! I like that you want to do something different, and would love another post with more tips like these!

    1. Thank you, and am working on some Instagram tips, that actually work, jst testing them out for myself before I share them

    2. And yes it is

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