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It has been awhile since, I have done this, as the title says this is a catch-up post 013. Read my previous ones here above, plus my current posts.

So a lot has been happening in the world, and in my life. I have been dealing with Burn Out, Being uninspired to create new content, ignoring I do have a lot of ideas that I really need to start executing.

I am sort of feeling, the begins of a depression, I can clearly see the signs, but it is like am not doing anything to stop it, from happening.

I decided to at least, start a travel writing course, and see if I can be published in a Travel Maganzie. I am aiming for Conde Nast Traveller and many more.

I do have a couple of posts, I want to at least publish this month, and start my Travel Chanel.

Enough about me….. the main drama in the world is Tristan messed up again, but this time he decided to drag down someone, who is basically family to Khloe.

The genius that was Karl Lagerfeld, passed away. It is sad to have a man, who reinvented Chanel, his runway shows, where out of the box, and a true definition of what fashion shows are meant to be. It is one of my dreams to at least attend, a show if be lucky to be dressed by him and meet him.

He was a true fashion legend, of my generation and previous generation. Will try and cover the highlight of the current Chanel Runway show, in the meantime check out the one, I wrote here

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