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Happy new month…It is a month to my birthday month. I am sort of excited for it but only time will tell. So let’s Catch-Up on the coming up this on my blog.

Plus we are on the second half of the year,some of things I had hoped to achieve, I haven’t but am not giving up.

Highlight of the last half of the year, Is that I joined Luxuria Lifestyle as one of their Brand Ambassador. I hope this does open some doors for me that are currently firmly shut.

So I am currently working on Launching my online store,as well of my clothing called Ramblings Wear, and also an Inspiration Minimalist Jewelry Line, cause we all need a little reminder and Inspiration from time to time, so be on the lookout for that.

Am also currently researching a way to make money, I want to know if it is a legit way. But I need referrals to cash out so please follow the link and sign up https://ref.paid4clout.com/missmulei

So if this go to the way, I plan them (hopefully) , they will be a couple of posts coming, your way, I am hoping to take the travel section of my blog, to the next level with a couple of posts. The hotel reviews are gonna, have to wait but I am gonna keep trying. So please be on the lookout for this posts.

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