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Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.”

Bernie Siegel

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It is my Birthday Month, Yaaay am turning a year old, which is scaring and also the end of the year is almost upon us. Which is making my anxiety to another level, since am not making my own money and depending on my parents which is also getting my anxiety levels.

Maann Adulting is hard!!!!, but I digress.Let’s Catch- Up on the new things I am hoping to launching this month.

Since my blog, tends to evolve, during my birthday…. My core theme, and vision for this blog will never change, but I will keep trying to define my niche and evolving with my age and content I want to create.


Let me tell you, what I have in mind…

My new store,hopefully go live with more products that reflect my style and products, I already have so check out the products I have there. And please support a struggling blogger. I hoping to eventually grow it into its own website

I am planning to launch my Brand Ramblings Collection ( am still debating on that name), which will start with a t-shirt brand, the sub-brand is Ramblings Wear. And also a Jewelry Line, that is positive affirmations, that are Mantras, but it will only be Kenya at the moment, till I can figure out how to ship them internationally.

I am also going to start selling travel guides, for a couple of posts, I am planning to write. The first one is going to be free, the next ones will be sold at an affordable price. So be on the lookout for them. I hoping by the end of the year, that I may have launch my new travel magazine. Fingers Crossed

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My travel channel, is still something I want to launch but i’m a little bit scared and maybe a lot of a perfectionist.

I am going to change, the theme to my blog. Because, I am not happy with the one, I currently have at the moment. (Life of a perfectionist)

Revolution US 728 x 90

They are a couple, posts I want to release this month, that are Travel and Lifestyle related. I am hope to at least attend a couple of festivals, once I have some extra cash to spend.

They are couple of posts, that are travel related that, will be out this week and some other lifestyle posts

Signing Out

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  1. bee_bernie says:

    Its my birthday month too 🙂

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