Catch Up 002

Hey Earthlings

How are y’all doing, I am doing okay, but laptop less again, my laptop froze and crashed, but I will try to make due, withe the computer in my dad’s office. It is May the year is going fast, It is also my Dad’s birthday month.

So a lot of things have been going on Mombasa is hosting, It’s first Burger Fest, I am super Excited about it,I am a huge foodie so am going to participate in full force, Follow my Instagram page to see the picture of the Burger’s, I will try to write a review on each restaurant, I visit once it is over. My Instagram handle is : ramblingsofakenyan, so please follow I will defiantly follow back.

I have a couple of posts I will be working on so be  patient with me, I have to map the out and flesh out the ideas.

Song of The Blog: Influence by Tove Lo ft Wiz Khalifa

Singing out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl



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