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Hello Earthlings…

I know I have been M.I.A of late but, I am back now working on some posts that should start rolling out soon, I was waiting on my laptop to be fixed so now I have my laptop back and everything is right in the world.

This post is about my what has been going on, around me and why I have been quiet, I have post, I am currently working on fleshing them out and take the pictures for them, I will be upgrading a couple of old post with links that they were missing. I have been applying for jobs and internships… no bites yet… It is hard when you want to make your blog, your business but your parents expect you to get a normal 9-5 job where you clock in and out everyday, well I digress, whatever happens i am good with it,I tend to go with the follow.

Anyway hope all my earthlings are okay and well, share my blog to your friends and family.

Signing Out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl

Song of the Blog: Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton


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Catch Up 001


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