If My Home Could Talk

They is a famous saying that goes like this “ If My Home Could talk the stories it would tell’,the stories my old apartment would tell; they were post I confessed that I talked to myself a lot, cause I am a great conversationalist, anyway I digress, me talking to myself is kind of making […]

My Dream Job

Hey Earthlings…. How y’all doing so this post is going in the challenges…. So this is my post is about my dream job   Well this is kind of easy for me cause, I have a rough idea what I want to do for a living… Well I studied Fashion Marketing and I like photography…. […]

Ultimate Wishlist

Hey Earthlings…. How are you guys?? and are you enjoying the challenges. So i was going to divide this into two lists but when I came down to we writing the list down I was kinda stumped. Gopro camera Chanel Vintage Bag Chanel vintage black dress Balmain Leather Jacket Burberry Trench Coat Louboutin Shoes Givenchy […]