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So I got this idea after reading my cousin’s post, check it out here https://misiandmama.tumblr.com/post/168617548005/christmas-revelations, I decided to share my Christmas traditions.

I grew up listening to stories from my mum, on how they used to spend Christmas, It was the only time of the year where they could get new Sunday best clothes, they had chapatis and went to church on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day.

Fast forward to when, I was born some of those traditions  passed down to me, but when you grow up in a county, meaning African born and raise we are raised in to not believing in Santa, he doesn’t make to Kenya, but we do celebrate Christmas, in the day that Christ was born.

We celebrated it a little different from western countries, I remember to get new clothes, shoes every year, we always attend church, I remember a time where I spent Christmas eve in my grandma’s (my mum’s mother) we went to church and saw a play of the naivety story sang carols till the clock struck 12 and it was officially Christmas, we would walk home, sleep, wake and repeat the process on Christmas day. Growing up I got the occasional gift but the new clothes were sort of the gifts that kept on giving.

After the church service, we always had a fest, for us, it depended on where we would spend Christmas meaning which side of the family we would visit because we lived in the coastal area, we had to option either my dad side or my mum’s side of the family. Either way, it was always fun because you get to hang out with your cousins who you haven’t seen the whole year, it is not like we had social media or our own personal cell phones, to keep in touch with each other like we do nowadays. Well, a goat would be slaughtered, so will chickens and of course chapatis and the kid favorite endless supply of sodas. If we spent it coastal our house would be decorated with a Christmas tree and lights sans gifts under the tree

But over the years, people grow up have they own families and start they own traditions, in our case have family scattered all over the world; it is rare for us to come together to have those memories. The thing for my family that has stuck is we still go to church, my parents and I then have lunch and sometimes dinner and I still wear my Sunday best, I don’t buy myself any new clothes unless I want too, but being grown with friends sometimes I spend them with my friends or sleep. Some families got to the beach or other go to the beach hotels and spends the afternoon swimming in the pool or ocean. Has I said above Santa doesn’t exist in Kenya, so a gift is rare and far between.

So Merry Christmas from my family to yours stay safe and don’t drink and drive

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