What am Currently Listening To: Music Review

Hey Earthlings……

So of late lots of musicians release some new albums, so this post is going to review my current playlist of albums am listening to.

Demi Lovato: Tell Me You Love Me: I love this album, it always on replay cause most of the songs tend to speak to my soul and she has shone so much growth from the last album and after her  youtube special, It gave an insight to her struggles and her life it made appreciate the album more. Fav Songs: Games, Tell Me You Love ME, Smoke Mirrors, Ruin The Friendship, Sorry Not Sorry.



Sam Smith: The Thrill Of It: This is a voice I have missed in music it feels good to have in back, it is like when Adele came back and all was right in the world that’s how I feel about Sam Smith coming back. Fav Songs:- Pray, Burning, Him, Too Good At Goodbyes.


P!nk: Beautiful Trauma: Always been a fan of her, her songs always meant to think outside of the box, she was never put into a box of what her music genre was; Fav Song: Revenge, What About Us, Barbies, Where We Go, But We Lost It, Whatever You Want, I Am Here.


Maroon 5: Help Me Out: The music always feel good music that reminds you to fall in love and dance with no care in the world, and this album is no different. Fav songs: Wait, What Lovers Do, Help Me Out, Whiskey, Cold


Taylor Swift: Reputation: I know this will surprise some people since, her genre isn’t my favorite, I will say am not a fan of Taylor she tends to play the victim a lot plus most her music are subtle messages to her exes or people who have wronged her, anyway I like 1989 it was a good step away from her cookie cutter music to something grown up, it is the same way with this new album, there is growth in it. Fav Songs: End Game, Dancing With Our Hands Tied.


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