My Definition Of a Lifestyle Blog/ Blogger

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Have wondered what a Lifestyle Blog or Blogger is? Well, I have answered the question in my own way.

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So I read an article when I was researching this topic as well as other blogger’s definition of a lifestyle blog/blogger. On  Mediakix.com the definition is that “a lifestyle blogger writes and creates and publishes content on various aspects of their daily lives”.  (mediakix.com/2015/06/what-is-a-lifestyle-blogger/ )

So, in other words, a lifestyle blog or blogger is inspired by what happens in their lives. Lifestyle blogs are personalized by the author’s locations, life stages, and experiences.

Many lifestyle blogs aren’t boxed into one niche, most lifestyle blogs have several niches rolled into one, for example, a blog can cover Fashion, Beauty, Food, Health another one can cover Travel, Parenting, financial Freedom, Career advice and much more.

I defined a Lifestyle blog/blogger isn’t fixed into a box, it has endless possibilities to pursue your passion but that doesn’t mean that the other niches in the industry are boring and cannot be pursued or hard to create content, that is not the case.

A lifestyle blog can be started by anyone but having possibilities can be daunting because having endless possibilities of writing doesn’t mean you can write about everything under the sun, your blog will look like you have no direction and a mess.

Here are some things you should do before starting a lifestyle blog.


Is a Lifestyle Blog Your Thing? ( Are You a Lifestyle Blogger?) (Niche)

If you are thinking about starting or evolving into a lifestyle blog ask your self the following questions.

  1. Do you have more than one topic?
  2. Does it revolve around your life?
  3. Will it help and inform your readers?
  4. Are you passionate about the topics?
  5. Are you feeling like your current niche is restricting you to grow?
  6. Do you have content to last year?
  7. Are you willing to evolve, to fit any changes in your life?
  8. Are you willing to be semi-personal?

If you answered yes to most of the questions or all then, you are ready to start or evolve our blog to lifestyle blog.

Now that you have figured out that you want to be a lifestyle blogger, you have to narrow it down to which topics you should write about.

How to narrow down what to write about?

This is what I did to narrow down the niches I wanted to include in my lifestyle blog.

  1. I took time to meditate and evaluate where I am in my life:- When I started my blog I was single(still am), Living in a new country, exploring and experimenting new things; so I decided to share and document my journey, and when I moved back home my blog evolved accordingly.
  2. Write down a list of topics you want to write about and are passionate about:- So my blog topics are; Health & fitness because I am trying to be healthy and lose weight, there is a section on dating & Life because I am single and new to the dating scene and try to give advice, Fashion because that Is what I studied in University and Travel because I love to explore new places and they are also food.
  3. Once you have your list of topics/categories you would like to write about, You can now start creating content for them, that some way directly affects your life. In a way, you won’t run out of content.
  4. I stress again to meditate and reflect on your list of topics, to make sure there are right for you.
  5. Have a clear vision and audience of where you see your blog is going, so that your readers may evolve and grow with you.
  6. And lastly, love and be passionate about the content you are creating, because if you half-ass it, your readers will notice and you may lose some because of it.

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If you ever get blocked on what to write, blogger has resources of blog post ideas, pick some that you see that fit into your life and re-create them. For example, most bloggers have written about what is the definition of a Lifestyle Blog/Blogger and I re-created original content that, I found passionate and enjoyed reading and thinking back on how I started my blog. I Hope this inspires you and guide you into a career in being a Lifestyle Blog.

These are links to blogs, I read before I wrote this post.




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  1. Maria says:

    I think that being passionate about the topics you’re writing about is the most important thing, especially if you have indeed a lifestyle blog.
    But I completely agree with you! “Lifestyle blogging” shouldn’t be put into just one box.

    Cool point-of-view 🙂

  2. Carrelle says:

    DI wouldnt have put it an better. Thank you for the insight😊😊

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My Definition Of a Lifestyle Blog/ Blogger


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