Fake Name Dilemma

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Have you ever used a fake name before, when a guy hits on you? And ladies don’t lie we all do it once in a while especially when the guy isn’t your type, and guys sometimes that name is fake. Well I hadn’t I would give the guy my name but not my number come up with a valid excuse to why I can’t give you my number, but they do give me they numbers but I won’t call you back, unless you are my type then I would definitely call you back and give you my number.

My ‘Friend’ is a pro at this, she gives guys a fake name all the time and when they ask for her number she gives them but she blocks them. So I did that when my ‘friend’ & I were out, I gave a guy my fake name, but here is my problem I live in a small town, so you can tend to run into that guy because the clubs are all located in a same area, and the ones people mostly frequent by people, I tend to go to. When I did that I was not thinking straight and was caught of guard, because it was interesting to see my friend in action, I was busy smiling and silently laughing till the gut turned to me and asked me what my name is to my name, meaning the first letter which was an “A” names, am not going to share because you never know who might be reading.

Anyway it was a fun experience giving a guy a fake name, let’s hope it doesn’t lead future damage.


Here are some rules when you decide to give a guy a fake name

  1. Pick a name easy to remember and close to your real name.
  2. Make sure your friends, call you by that name all night just in case
  3. If the guy insists on your number give it to him, but later block it after you have left the club.
  4. Avoid that club for a couple of weeks & months
  5. If you run into the guy come up with a valid reason to why your phone isn’t going through.
  6. Always find away to not giving out your number, they are a lot of crazies out there.

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  1. Hardy Har says:

    Man, step two gets people caught up every single time! Lol! The friends/family accidentally blow it!

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