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     Hope Y’all are doing well……. ps this post was meant to go up before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  If you follow me on my social media you woul know I was quite busy last week, with a workshop so I didn’t have time to work on this post.

And yes some of the things, I am hoping someone would get give them to me as gifts.

This is my first gift guide since Christmas is fast approaching, thought I would give you ideas for gifts, for the girls and boys who are bloggers, Vlogger and who love tech.

Gift Ideas

-Planner: Be it Digital one or a physical one, it helps some plan out there content for the next year, and keeps them on track.

-Stationery: Personalised stationery, with their logo, and the name of the brand, they have.

-Laptop: They are many cheap, functional laptops on the market. Here are some options: Lenovo, Microsoft Surface, Acer

-Laptop Sleeves:  Get them, hard cases, custom decal of their brand logo.

-Mouse Pads, custom ones with their brand logo.

-Camera: Yes this is expensive, but they are cheap entry level, ones that will help a starter blogger/Vlogger . The brands you can get are Sony, Canon, Nikon

The next things are in the same category tech and some are camera accessories. 

-Action Camera: GoPro’s are a perfect gift for a vlogger, to get some canceling shots.

-Camera Lenses: I Personal would love a Canon 50mm 1.4 lenses, I advise is to ask them there, top three lenses they would love to have, and see which fits within your budget.

-Memory Cards: You can never have enough , camera memory cards.

Tripod/ Joby Gorrilla pod or mono pod

A gimbal : The is great for videographers.

-Phone camera rigs, if you can’t afford to get them a camera, you can get them canceling, for their phone.

Polaroid camera: Great to take sample shots of your clothes, or moments.

Phone Lenses: I am saving up for this myself, it improves phone photography.

-Camera Straps Fashionable ones

-Camera Cubes :  They are used for bags that aren’t camera bags and also a protective wrap

-Fashionable Camera Backpacks

 –Microphone attachment for the camera and the best that every blogger swear by is a the Rode Microphones.

-Flat-lay Props: From marble background , to fake flowers. 

Hosting Subscriptions from self-hosting sites like Bluehost and Siteground.

-A blog Theme: Check out this website for some. Creative Market

-Social Media Templates: Twitter Headers, Pinterest Header, Youtube,  Instagram Stories & Posts, and Facebook Headers.

Powered by Creative Market

-Media Kit    

Powered by Creative Market

-Headphones:  A pair of nice noise cancelling ones especially for vlogger’s to edit their videos.

-Cute Backpacks.

This post has affiliate Links i will receive a small percentage if you decide to buy somethings, at no extra cost to you..help a starving blogger, to keep creating content for you.

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