Hello December

Hey Earthlings….. How ya’ll doing, the end of the year is upon us again,

I know this post has been late, but I was out of town since like late Nov to early Dec, that plus I was broke and just downright lazy to leave my house and being laptopless factors into my reasons.

The next couple posts are going to be favorite posts of the last year and recap, I have a lot of book posts I am supposed to put up but I decided against, cause my blog going to start reading has book blog which it is not

So a lot has happened in the world in the past couple of weeks, I am going to cover as much, as I can, Let’s jump into it

So Prince Harry is off the market (Let’s take a moment to mourn the loss and bury our dreams of being a princess),If you have been living under a rock, he is marrying Megan Markle, all I can say We and am meaning Black people around the world we are in the Place and in the royal family. They introduced by a mutual friend, I want a mutual friend who knows royalty, so he/she can introduce me to people like that and lastly……. WE ARE HAVING A ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!!!!

Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty and it is flying off the shelves, her products are great haven’t had a chance to get myself some but once I do I am going to review it.

I spent the last weekend in Diani for a Festival, It was a great experience, something I hope that catches on, in the next couple of years.

That is the most, I could cover the next couple of posts will book related, but I won’t overwhelm you.

Signing Out Ramblings Of a Kenyan ( Happy Holidays)

Song Of the Post: Suited by Shekhinah



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