How Much I have Changed In the Past 5 years

Hello Earthlings

So this easy for me because I will base this with the person I was when I was 19 to the person I am now at 24 turning 25 in 10 days.

So Angela at 19…Well she was

  1. Still trying to figure out who she was
  2. Still naive
  3. Still cared what people thought of her
  4. Tired to please people
  5. A little too trusting
  6. Not a bitch
  7. Didn’t speak her mind
  8. Wasn’t that evil meaning, I wasn’t great at being conniving
  9. Too nice

I think that was who I was, I had a lot of friends, who I have lost over the years..So Angela at now 24

  1. Am still trying to figure who I am but it is a learning process, but I am better than who I was at 19
  2. I am not naive anymore, I don’t listen to words anymore, actions speak louder
  3. I don’t care what people might be thinking about me
  4. I am a bitch
  5. Not that nice
  6. Embraced my evil side, and I am conniving,
  7. I speak my mind
  8. I don’t try to please people anymore
  9. I don’t trust that easily anymore.
  10. I take things at face value

We are meant to grow, learn from the mistakes we make, I grow every year am always different from the person I was the year before, every birthday is a time for reflection of the person I was to the person I am becoming.

Signing Out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl

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How Much I have Changed In the Past 5 years


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