How To Deal With Burnout

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Hey Earthlings!!!!!!

     Hope Y’all are doing well……. If you read my previous welcome post, this is the beginning of My Self-Care Series and will in the future have more posts and advice on Self-Care, and am inviting you my Earthlings to this journey of self discovering and better health.

So am currently dealing with this at the moment, but it is not burnout per se more like am so into the darkness, that I am having a hard time seeing a way out.

But I have experienced this before when I was in college. We as humans especially women think we can do it all at once. And we tend to spread ourselves, so thin that our bodies and brain come to a conclusion that it is time to shut down for a min.

So am going to share a few tips that may help to prevent it, and also give you a few warning signs.

The Warning Signs

  1. Feeling Overwhelmed
  2. Can’t focus
  3. Juggling a lot of balls
  4. Trying to do everything yourselves
  5. Your mind can’t seem to shut off
  6. Ways to prevent 

How To Deal & Prevent

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