How To Get Glowing Skin.

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Today’s post is about how to get glowing skin,  and also my skin care routine. Every one wants glowing, perfect skin, so am going to share what I have learned for the past couple of years, and what has worked for me.

Get skin care routine is a trial and error not everything I say is going to work for you, to tell you the truth, I never used to care about my skin care, ignoring the fact the skin is the largest organ we have got plus, it is the most exposed….I used to get away with the fact, I never got a break out, or acne (Knock on wood) and I used to use or rather still use my genes has an excuse. 

Although I recently found out my current skin care routine does not work for cold areas, where my skin becomes extremely dry, so am in search for a routine that works for both cold and hot areas.

Before I get to what I am currently using on my face, I am going to share a couple of gems or say rules, I live by and will help you tremendously.

First thing you need to know, your skin type and how to know is:

When you get out of the shower is your face oily, dry or normal. I am combination skin, I am oily on my T-Zone this is the space between your forehead and nose bridge area  and dry the other side of my face, meaning my cheeks 


The following gems you should follow.

Drink lots of water at least 8 glasses a day if you can drink a 1 litre or more the better. You don’t love the taste of water the following recipes will help with that.

-The base will always be:- Water, Ice cubes (the ice cubes are optionally)

Mint, Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger

-Raspberries, Strawberry, Mint

Lemon, Mint

Blueberry, Lime, Cilantro


Blueberry ,Lemon, Rosmary

Green Tea

Hibiscus Tea

This most of the water above are Detox water,so it has health benefits not only tasting good.

-Eat healthy: Lots of fruits and green vegetables.

Working out, you sweat out all the toxins in your body.

Sleep more, although this is something I struggle with because I am an insomniac most of the time.

Do not sleep with makeup because clogs your pores, and have no makeup days, give your face a break.

Finally this is the most important one….always put on sunscreen, the highest level of SPF.

So Lets move to the my skin care routine,

The products I Use.

At the moment I am using Nivea’s Perfect Radiance set, The 3 in 1 and the Even Tone Face Cream. I have always had a problem with skin tone of my face, it would have two tones, slightly darker on the outside, Lighter on the inside, the final product is the a Nivea Toner. All these products are for Combination Skin.

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So I use the 3in1, everyday, in morning and evening has a facial wash. I wear it has a mask once a week. When I have time I use it has a scrub, sometimes in the evening ,I use has scrub, if I have left the house, because of the dust and sweat.

I also use a facial scrub brush, although I want to get a electronic one, when am washing my face.

After the facial wash/scrub/mask I tone my face and let it sit for a min, before I apply my face cream,I am yet to find a night time cream, I sometimes apply the same face cream at night or sleep with out has to let my pores breathe.

When I was in Nairobi recently, my skin was way to dry because of the cold weather and my cream didn’t moisturise well, so I opted to the old school Vaseline which helped with the dryness it moisturise and kept it locked in.

So at the moment this products are working for me, my skin tone is around my face is matching.

I will be buying new products soon, especially masks and with test them out on my instagram so guys follow me to see plus I will try and write reviews on them. This skin care routine will keep evolving.

If you like a more detailed post on how to create the flavoured water let me know in the comments…

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