I Have Be Duped!!!!

Hello My Fellow Earthlings

How are y’all doing, am doing okay just been busy trying to get things in order plus, concreting on my school work..

So they will be a few things am going to talk about, if you’re wondering the whole title of, I have been duped. I will get to that.

First things First Adele is back people, I am so excited for a new album, I will honestly say the first time I heard Hello, I was almost cried, (which happens a lot lately), but it has been on replay ever since it came out.

I find it funny how other people are changing the release dates of their albums because of her release date when I  find it ridiculous but also smart cause I think she is the only threat when it comes to singers like Beyonce and Taylor Swift, but hey that is my opinion….

So why have I been duped,I have out of the country for the past year clocking onto two years, the whole reason i wanted to read aboard is cause i wanted to explore the world, see new places, i wanted to challenge myself, needed a change of scenery.

I never saw myself as someone would live in Keny a,or work there, I still don’t it took me sometime to figure out what i wanted to do, but once i did, i took it a ran with it.

So first time out of the country I pick China one cause my dad won’t allow to go for  a uni then UK, because most of my family is there and we kinda all like drinking and secondly i found a course i like and would let me explore the world… So China bound i went, of course it wasn’t convincing my parents, My dad was easy cause he is more of “your old enough to make your own decision and pick a course you like’ My mum is a other case, I love my mother but we are two different people but at the same time kinda the same, we get along but not all the time, but after awhile she came to terms with it.


The weather is one of the only things I find different plus they way the Chinese people act. I Live in the southern part of China meaning am four hours away from Hong Kong, but it also means i am prone to Typhoons, which by the way is no joke, the lighting storms here rival the ones back home, so does that rainfall El nino got nothing on Typhoon season. so i basically don’t leave the house with out an umbrella, they is also the issue of the heat and humidity, I have grown up in a coastal town so i am basically used to the heat and humidity but here it is on a different level entirely.

Being born and raised in Kenya, one of the things on buckets list is to experience Winter and see snow……. Well am in a country that does experience winter but it does not snow, that was a disappointment if i put it mildly, but it does get really cold and not Nairobi co ld,the winter is dark a gloomy and just cold. The Weather here is unpredictable like a woman’s mood swings.

The few things i like about China is that fact that you can get basically anything ata cheaper price, and cause the dollar is pretty low these side, i will write a whole blog about the sights i have a seen and what i find disgusting about china and what i like about living in the country.

Has for now am going to suffer the cold alone, totally need a boyfriend now, finish my school work one more week aId i will been on holiday somewhere warm I hope.

Song of the Week: Adele:- Hello the whole album

Have a blessed day and week from

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