Letter To My Older Self

Hey Earthlings…. It is my birthday, and they will be a birthday tag post right after this one.

So am meant to write a Letter to my future-self…so here it goes….

Hello,beautiful,sexy and possible successful me.I hope that we have found our soul mate and you are happily married,with children.

I hope that we got, to live our wildest dreams,that we achieved our vision,since we don’t set goals,we have visions and dreams for ourselves. I hope we remember Rafe and named one of our kids after him,and lived a life in his honor done the things we would have done together.

I hope we got are working in Vogue and you have a great advertising company,have amazing friends around you to run your company with, I hope business is good,you have made our parents proud and given back to them by building them their dream house and made their dreams come true.If they are still alive to witness us become a great woman,who is reasonable,successful.

I hope we live with the motto that our aspiration in life is to be happy.I hope we are happy with the person,we have become.I hope we still belive in the path/journey that was set out for us. I hope we have made a difference in the world and when we leave,this world it will be a little better.I hope we have learnt to say what’s on our mind,we have learnt to control our anger. I hope we have made friends of a lifetime.

If we are not married yet, then it is okay if it doesn’t happen we can always adopt as long we are happy and we got the career we always wanted and we got to travel the world.I hope we have completed our bucket list, we have traveled the world saw,what it has to offer and made memories of a lifetime and documented it. I hope the hobby of blogging turned into a budding business.I hope we took photography seriously and made a career of it and we loved it.

I hope we made a name for ourselves in the fashion & advertising world,that our favorite designers are close friends and we have done some the best campaigns in the world.

hope when I read this letter we are in a great place,and we are happy with the person we have grown into, I hope we don’t lose the values,we hold dear our heart and we have kept our standards high and held our head high, through any tough time that we didn’t forsaken the lessons we have been raised on.

Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl



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Letter To My Older Self


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