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So this post was meant to go up on Monday but I had no internet, and I wrote it down in my brand new journal, so let’s get to this and if it reads like am rambling it is cause I had booze in my system.

My internet was disconnected on Monday and when I went to buy food and booze I kinda forget to pay for internet, I know priorities people. When I wrote this in my journal I had a glass of Jack Daniels (yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a whiskey girl), and why I am drinking on Monday,and the last time I was drinking on a Monday it was my birthday and I thinking I was turning 21 or 22, I don’t remember that well…So I got Fired on Monday and through Facebook then my lecturer, then I the lady who hired me, because I didn’t meet her expectations.

So how do you get fired through Facebook?? you might ask when you get an email that tells you that you are no longer an admin of the page you are supposed to be managing. I was seated on the floor in my apartment laughing my ass off, because I found the situation hilarious, I know myself you can’t give free rein then put in a box and expect me to work in those four walls, Yes I can do, structure, when I have set guidelines but if you give me free rein nothing is off-limits anyway.

I got fired and am okay with it taught me a lot, there was miscommunication and our wires got crossed and interpretations of what she wanted and expected me to do, plus it gave me an opportunity to learn me, about myself  when it comes to working ethic and what I personally what to do with my future when it comes to working, I know I can’t do the same thing over and over it will get boring.

In my drunken haze, I tend to go back to the people who know me best, and had great conversations with this person and it has been a while… they are moments in my life when all the hurt and pretense just fades away and all I remember is that I was madly in love with him and he was one of the my best friends.

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Be Blessed  Earthlings


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