List Of Things That I Am Happy About

Hey Earthlings…

Us has human being tend to concentrate on all the bad things that are happening in our lives, we miss the good things even if they a small and fleeting. Time tends to pass like the speed of light and we tend to play catch up to our own lives.

So I am going to write a list of the things I am Happy about and I Challenge my readers to so and share them with me and I will post them on my blog and Facebook page.

  1. My Health, I am 13 years and counting Cancer free
  2. Great family, and support system, they might be pain in my ass sometimes, we may argue from time to time they come to your aid when you are in need.
  3. Bright future ahead of me
  4. Enjoying and learn the blogging life
  5. Amazing friends.

Those are the things I am happy about, at the moment the list may grow in time… Before I sign out I would like us to be present in our lives, enjoy the little moments that you experience be it watching the sun rising, meditating or having a conversation with your old man. And be thankful that you are woke up breathing and went to bed alive and well, cause not everyone does so and finally It is Never That Serious.


Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl





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