8 Things I Learned From Living Aboard.

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So I recently moved back, home for like 2-3 yrs now….man I need to travel, or get a job that can pay me to travel…. I digress… I spent 3 years before coming back home to Kenya, in China, the south Guangzhou. I wrote a post on how to survive to check it out here.

So living alone, in a foreign country where English isn’t the first language, it was a learning curve.

I am going to share the 8 things I learned from living aboard.

What I Learned. 

  • Living on a budget: I had to learn and still learning money management. I had to stop converting money into Kenyan currency, plus also learn the current exchange rate, and where to exchange money. And finally, learned to prioritize what I need to buy more than other things.
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  • I learnt to manage a household: I had to create a schedule to make time, to do my laundry when to clean my apartment, and also when to deep clean. Plus have time to study and do my assignments.  
  • I to mange my time: When you leave your home country, for further studies, it usually expensive. You don’t have time to party continually, you have assignments, studying for midterms and exams. So your priorities change… although now am struggling with time management, I am trying to work on that
  • I learned to be okay, with a being a loner:- The silence taught me to listen, to my inner voice.  The Inner Self, you all know the voice we ignore, when we should not, well I learned to listen to it more.

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  • I learnt I could survive on my own, two feet.
  • I feel in love with public system, it was not daunting, and was easy to use.
  • It opened my mind to the possibility. Thaat there is more to life and the world, than my little Island and country. It did open my wanderlust bug, to want to explore, other places around the world.
  • It made me grown up, into a woman who can make her own decisions, and stand by them.The naive girl sort of died along the way, of my self discovery.

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