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Hello Earthlings….. I know no rest for the wicked or when you are building an empire, so my posts have be coming on back to back, but they are posts that I have been meaning to write about. So let’s get to it….


So Met Gala was held in May in New York City in the Met Museum,attending this gala is on my bucket list of things I would love to do as well has working for Vogue, this year’s theme was “Manus x Machina:Fashion in an Age of Technology”, I loved this theme and thought some of the attendee thought they could just wear silver and it will be okay, my understanding of the theme is that it is Machine (Machine Stitched) vs Man-Made(Hand stitched) Clothes or a combined of both, it also to shown case the fact they is a difference between Haute-Couture and Ready to wear and how far Machine-Made clothes have come and how they are many different techniques on making unique and beautiful pieces.


So the celebrities that I loved what they wore the first on was Claire Danes, dressed by Zac Posen. Her dress glowed in the dark which I thought was perfect for the theme.

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The Wests, Kim wore a silver gown that looked like metallic armory, while her husband wore ripped  jeans and a heavily beaded jacket and lets not forget the blue contacts, in a way I was not surprised by what he wore I kinda expected it, they were both dressed by Balmain



Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid,  Zayn wore a suit with metal arms, I like the metal arm idea but it would have made a better statement if he had one metal arm, that would have paid homage to the theme, His girlfriend Gigi I liked the dress but it did not stand out for me. They were both dressed by Versace and Tommy Hilfiger respectively.



Beyoncé, Queen B wore a latex gown,although it went with the theme, her wearing this came right after we all have been sipping on that Lemonade and we were still on the whole Becky with the good hair vibe, so it being latex and skin tone, it looked like she wore Becky’s skin and had her teeth and nails has part of the dress,Last year she had worn a Givenchy dress and completed slayed,this year’s dress was a 50/50 hit and miss, she looked awesome but kinda crazy to.She was dressed by Givenchy again.
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Miss Lupita, I found her kinda disappointing, I loved the dress, but i did not understand the hair style, that tower style was not to my liking at all, if her hair was normal I would have liked the rest of the outfit but the hair kinda distracted the whole thing. She usually hits out the park but this time not so much.


Lastly the Jenner Sisters, Kylie was the star of this duo,her dress was metallic and heavily beaded,she was dressed by Balmain, While Kendall wore Versace, she looked great in the dress but it was kinda understated with what she always looks like.





I hope next year’s theme is interesting….

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