Month On Love

Hey Earthlings!!!!!!

     Hope Y’all are doing well…….

It is the month of love, Yaay!!! And yes that is sarcasm, moving on swiftly as Clichy as it sounds people who are single tend to dislike this day, because it tends to amplify that we are alone, and some tend to sleep through it, I included because I have slept through this day.

Even when I was in a relationship, I never spent it with my boyfriend at the time. So am going to try and share a post that us single people can do, plus also couples.

So it is a series that I will post this whole week, as Valentine is next week and I would like to be of help.

Before I forget, I opened a trial online shop and see if it can be an extra cash to my pocket, as am trying to make money through affiliate marketing, so please help a girl out.

The name of the store, is Light & Freedom, and it is all about embracing your inner Boho queen and Peace so please check it out and buy a necklace for your self or significant other this valentine.

Signing Out:-

Song Of Post:African Beauty by Diamond Platnumz Ft Omarion


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