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Hey Earthlings!!!!!!
Hope Y’all are doing well…….

Happy November, the year is almost over it has not been that successful for me haven’t accomplished the things, I sent to do the being of the year, I am going to do a recap before the month is over, on the things I have tried to accomplish.

So a recap check out my post here

-Surpassed my Instagram goal, I am 976 followers
-Reached 233 followers on my Twitter Followed
-Reached 260 followers on my Facebook Page
-I did get to 10 more followers, but they were on my email list
– I slacked on launching my travel page but will totally do it this month
-I did release most of the post I planned for this month, although go sick during the end of the month and couldn’t release them
-I did engage in the social groups, I am part of.

This Months Goals

-Learn about Email Marketing
-At least go out a shoot every day or once a week
-Improve my SEO knowledge.
-Reach 1000- 1500 followers on Instagram
-Reach 300-500 Twitter followers
-Reach 300-500 Facebook followers
-Keep up with my blogging schedule
-Create an opt-in
-Engage more
-Reach out to more hotels, and brands.
-Get more followers on my blog
-Utilize Pinterest

So those are my 12 goals, for the month of November, What are your goals for this month?? Maybe I can help you achieve them…let me know in the comments.

Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl
Song Of Post: Sweetest Devotion By Adele


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