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Living in a city where most of the food is over shadowed my Swahili/coastal food. Don’t get me wrong the coast province is known for its Mshakiki, Vizai Karayi, Pilau, Biriyani, Casava Crisp and madafu(coconut water), the rest of other food is overshadowed since most of the population is Muslim so the food has to be halal

I was driving towards the supermarket a one day and saw a new restaurant opening soon; I was out of town for the grand opening but made a plan to eat in this new restaurant in town.


Punta Cans Smoke house is a Caribbean eating & drinking restaurant. Jerk & BBQ is their specialty. So I made my way there on a Wednesday to have lunch.




The first thing I noticed is the colorful interior, making me thing I stepped into Jamaican Restaurant, with the old school reggae and I mean roots reggae, not the new age reggae. They have murals on the wall, colorful painting. The seating is booths and chairs. The interior and ambiance tailed the theme to T, if they wanted to transport you to Jamaican consider me transported. They were the use of barrels as part of the décor hanging from the sink and the sink. The wait staff is friendly, hospitable and checks on you to see how you like the food.








Now to the food, has a true foodie, I love good food, my waiter said the food will be spicy, I thought it would overpower the meal, plus I am used to spicy food anyway I digress. I order a Cubano (thanks to CHEF movie, I have been dying to try one) with Jerk Chicken with a Passion Juice. When the food came it smelled heavenly and nicely presented (watched too many master chef).The Cubano was delicious with a mild kick at the end of each bite, it was spicy but not overpowering, the passion juice was fresh not too sweet. The fries were crunchy and sprinkled with chili powder.


Now to the price range, It is a pocket-friendly, totally a place to go on the first date or treat yourself, where to treat clients. But not an everyday place to eat, you can if to want. They are a few things in this world am willing to pay above people’s perception of normal rate and that are Tattoos, Clothes, Shoes & Food.

I hope Punta Cana does survive in Mombasa, It is a great place to eat, bring your friends and enjoy afternoon or evening with great food.



Location; Links Rd, Before Nyali Center (Naivas) or after depending on where you are coming from. Mombasa Kenya

My Rating out of 5

Ambience: 5/5

Interior: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Food: 5/5

Price: 3/5

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