My Dream Job

Hey Earthlings…. How y’all doing so this post is going in the challenges…. So this is my post is about my dream job


Well this is kind of easy for me cause, I have a rough idea what I want to do for a living… Well I studied Fashion Marketing and I like photography…. So my dream job would be to work in the fashion industry, more importantly, I would like to work for Vogue, have an advertising company, that will make me able to travel around the world taking photos and creating ads that are unique and are a little different from the norm ones.


I personal want a job that I will enjoy and be excited to wake up every morning to go to work, because I get bored easily but I do like a routine sometimes. Having exotic photo shoots for Ad Campaigns, attending Fashion Week, research stories for articles I want to write, be behind the scene on a fashion show for a famous designer, and see the creative process of designers. I am a creative person so any job that lets me be creative and I am going to enjoy it, I will be happy.

Don’t worry my blog will still be here, it will document my journey of course and hopefully it will grow into a brand and have a huge following.


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