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So am going to make list of my current favourite Youtube Vlogger, it list might change but these are the guys who keep me entertained and the ones who teach me something…. 

I realised I tend to zone out on videos that don’t interest me anymore but these guys I haven’t missed video since,I stumbled on them, and I have linked all there youtube channels.

Peter McKinnon: The King of Bbroll, His Chanel tends to teach about being a better content creator when it comes to photography and cinematography. Most of the things I have learned from his Chanel has helped me and challenged me to be better. Plus gave me ideas of what type of travel video’s I want to post.

Sorelle Amore: She practically created the term “Advance Selfie”, She is a beautiful soul who always make people, be kind.. she won a competition for Third Home and to travel the world ( btw I am constantly looking for a competition like that to enter because I would love to travel the world and create content.)

Matti formerly of Travel Feels: He has taught me to shoot with a purpose and plan out my shots and fix my camera settings, they are many shots I want to get with a drone once I save up for one unless someone wants to gift me one.

Laura Reid: I love her cinematic bbroll, of the places she travels, plus her instagram is goals. She is one of the reasons I want to start a travel vlog and visit bali.

The Rush Fam: Completely in love with, family, I found them by them pranking each other and haven’t left since, they are relationship goals, can’t wait for the new baby.

LillySingh  A.K.A Superwoman: She preaches positivity and also create funny sketches that will crack you up.

Jackie Aina: Few beauty vlogger, I love to watch and I do sing her theme song.

Jefree Star: Love him, he speaks truth all the time and his makeup videos are life, he is one of the few beauty blogger I trust when it comes to buying makeup products.

Nancie Mwai: She is a Kenyan blogger and daily vlogger.

Joy Kendi: She is also a Kenyan blogger and vlogger, who tends to keep it real about her topic, and she is fun to watch.

Farhana Oberson: She is a coastrian Vlogger, I find her interesting to watch.

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