My Must Have Blogger Equipment..

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This post is about which equipment and apps I use and in no certain terms does this mean you have to get these things, you can totally blog with your phone and take pictures with your phone.

I just find my self more productive and get better results with the following items. But if you would like a more in-depth post about this post, comment below


I used to have a Canon 70D with Kit lens, but it was stolen, so I ended up buying an entry level full frame camera 6D Mark ii with a 24-105mm Lens.(saving for a 50mm Lens).

My 70D was a crop sensor, when buying a camera first it is the budget, then the features you want. I always knew, I was going to move to a Full Frame camera but I am not ready for a Canon 5D Mark IV or Canon 1D.

The second camera I have is a Olympus PEN-9, I need a second mirrorless camera that is lightweight and easy to carry around I use this mostly for my Instagram, Flat-lay and when I want to have a camera around, but don’t want to carry my Canon

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 I have a MacBook Pro, again you can use phone. I had a MacBook Air, but it broke down so I had to get a new one.

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 I always have and carry headphones, with me, I tend to love to zone out and work on my posts and whatever else, or lock my self in my room.

Ipad pro and Pencil

I tend to you this as my note taker, idea drawer, photo editing. It is also my digital planner. I love the screen for editing photos that end up on my Instagram.

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A Note Book

In my post about getting organised, I carry around a notebook everywhere,(If you want a post of what’s in my bag comment below…)

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 This does majority of my mass photo editing, I am working on creating presets, to sell the first ones will be free.(watch this space)


 For most of my instagram photos or photo taken on my phone, I edit them with this app, it has free filters you can customise  to your liking or you can buy a couple that you like.


I use this mostly to create my logo or manipulate photos, create my digital planners.

Pages or Word

 This is where I write down all my posts, drafts before moving them to WordPress.

Notes App

Since my phone, is always with me, the notes app is a must for me to take ideas, and lately flesh them out later in my notebook.

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  1. I love this. These kits are really needful for bloggers. Thanks for sharing.

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