My SGR Experience

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I am privileged enough to be alive to have ridden on the old train and the new one.

The first time I rode on a train I was I think 7 yrs and was super excited, and rarely remember much apart from the pictures we took that day, it used to take I think it was 8 hrs cause we would board at around 7 or 9 pm and arrive the next day around 6. The train was only taken at night.

The other time I took it I was a bit older but we got stuck in the middle of the night. I would have loved to take it again now when am older and can appreciate it. I  totally get the excitement to ride on the new train that only takes 4 hrs to reach its destination, plus it is affordable.

So I recently had the luck to ride on the new SGR, I got to experience what many Kenyan’s have already experience. You have to book 3 or 2 days in advance for your ticket, you can’t arrive a possible get a ticket for the train because it is always fully booked.

The seats of the train were comfortable, you get to make new friends, if you are the talkative type, you get to pass through Tsavo National Park during the day, I got to see a herd f Elephants.

The train was at around 110 km/hr, people tend to think it isn’t moving that fast until we cross with the other train from Mombasa that’s when you realize we are moving fast. The train isn’t silent like I thought it would be but you can still hear the tell-tale signs of being on a train.

Checking inn was around 30 mins to the train departure. The securities checks are good, intensive.The hostess was nice, friendly, helpful and very accommodating. The refreshments are sold at 1 hr after departure, most of the price is 100/= has the base line.

My Pro/Cons List


  1. Less time spent on traveling
  2. Great experience for family
  3. Seeing some wildlife
  4. Make and meet new people from different walks of life
  5. The security checks (I counted 3)


  1. Waking up early
  2. The station placed out of the city without connecting train to the city center although they are bus and taxis that will take you there
  3. Use of door for Entering and Exiting the train
  4. One exit, when exiting the station.(not convenient in case of a fire)
  5. Boarding should be at least an hr.

Overall it was a great experience the Stations is beautiful. My advice is to carry light because you have to carry your own luggage. Book your tickets 3 or 2 days in advance.

Ps. I had more photos but since my Camera was stolen before I could have transferred the pictures.

Signing Out Ramblings Of a Kenyan Girl.

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