My Vision Board of 2019

Hey Earthlings…..

2019 Vision Board

How ya’ll doing, If you follow me on social media, you would know I have been feeling a little unsipired. And can’t be bothered to start the projects, I have planned.

In addition of Cultivating Good Habits, I decide to create a Vision Board of want. I would love to manifest this year, for my life, career, and business.

Has a Fashion Marketing, student/diploma graduate. I know how to make a Vision/Mood board, for a brand, fashion company, to convey their vision. However I haven’t done that for my own life.

So this is a first, for me creating a Vision Board for myself. I hope I can achieve the things, I put on my board.

My Vision Board.

My Board

What Is On My Vision Board.

-Meditate more, as part of me creating new habits for 2019. I want to take a couple of minutes of the day, to gather my thoughts. Plus it will help deal with my mild anxiety issues and calm my mind down so that I won’t get easily distracted. And also deal with my mental health.

-The Boss Up, is to level up in all aspects of my life, from this blog to my photography. I want to learn and improve on the skills I already have and pick up new ones.

-Travel: This pertains to my travel section of this blog as well of my vlog channel.

-The Money, Is I want to have a steady income, that means making this blog profitable. As well create different income streams. Work with different companies and brand.

-Get my health in check: I am blessed to be cancer free for the past 17 years or so. But I had a small health scares last year, that made me realize that I need to take better care of myself.

-The Camera: I want to atleast take a photos everyday, and turn one of my loves, into an income stream.

-The Graduate & Dream photo: I want to finally, with the help with God, to finally get my Degree in Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. And start working towards my main dream to work for Vogue and the International Fashion Industry. Although this blog is a stepping stone, towards that dream.

-The Masks: Work on get my skin to glow

-The Motto: Good Vibes Only : I want only Good and Postive Vibes around me, this is to remind me to emit those vibes into the universe and cut out anything negative in my life.

I Can And Will Just Watch: This is to all the doubters and people who think, I can’t achive what I want in Life, to create a sucessfull digiatal carrer.

-The Center photo BREATHE: Is to remind me that, I should be thankful that I am breathing, and also when things seem like,everything is against and not working out, I that I should just keep BREATHING

In Colusion that, is my Vision Board for 2019. If you want me to write a post about how to create a digital Vision Board and Physcial Vision Board, let me know in the comment below.

Signing Out:

Song Of Post: breathin by Arianna Grande

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My Vision Board of 2019


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