Reflections of 2015

Hello Earthlings from sunning Coast



So this is my last blogpost of the year, I hope y’all are enjoying your holiday and have plans for the day.

So this has been a sort eventful year for some people the world  but for me personal I have had a crap year from around March, I can say i have been stumbling through darkness for most of the year and i can finally say that am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

So what happened to me this year, i lost my best friend in March, that is reason i have been stumbling in the darkness for the better part of the year the upside of this year is that i got to come home from the holiday and at least make peace with his death, and sort of have a final goodbye with my hometown,cause i don’t see myself coming home anytime soon at least not to live but to visit my parents and the few friends have here.I have come to terms that they isn’t anything left for me here. I have some things I plan to launch next year, start building my brand,empire and enjoying this path God. My theme for 2016 is i just want to be happy so am letting God take the wheel and guide me in this journey he has put me on.


Miss You Raffy

This was also the year i was terrified for turning 24, i was questioning, my path when people your age are graduating and getting married but your not even close to get that first degree you need, but after praying about it i was able to Let go and Let God.


Moving on to World events..

Adele came back to the music scene, which is a great thing for music lovers everyone, So did Janet Jackson and Missy Elliott came  back ….We still waiting for Rihanna’s new album. I have discovered many new artists like Halsey, Hailee Stenifield, James Bay, Leon Bridges, R.City and many more.

Kim Kardashian gave birth, Bobbi Kristina passed away and Princess Charlotte was born this year,Those are the ones that kinda stuck out to me.5bf9fe90a3c746a79ff9ef49c0dfc476

Barack Obama visited Kenya, that was a big deal for Kenyans everywhere, I Condemned CNN comments of us being a HotBed for terrorists complete and utter lies. The Pope also visited us that was a bless trip.



When it came to tragedies the Paris Attacks was one that took the world by storm, let me start by saying that the all the social media focus it gotten was uncalled for because when a terror attacks happen in a 3rd world country they isn’t a hashtag saying prayer for them, Boko Haram has been terrorising Nigera for awhile now how come they isn’t a Hashtag pray for Nigera,Or what is happening in Syria, or what is currently happening in Burundi how come people aren’t changing they profile pictures with the flag.I personally think the attack on Paris was a wake up call because the Terrorist groups thought we keeping attacking 3rd world countries and no one care so lets attack country that people can realise we are serious and exist. The Paris attacks were uncalled for and i hope people are recovery. That is the end of my rant.


I think that covers it, if i have missed anything it is not my fault I have tunnel vision when it comes to my life at the moment.

My prayer for the next year is to be happy, have no drama because i have no patience for things,I plan to add to my tattoo collection, create my own t-shirt line, small steps into building my brand, build my portfolio and finally  make this blog into a weekly thing not a monthly thing but it is all in Gods hands.

Have a Happy New Year,

Song Of the Year 2015 : Shake It Out: Florence and the machine

Theme Song For 2016:  Love Myself : Hailee Steinfeld

Wana Be Happy: Kirk Franklin

Do not Drink and Drive

Signing out 2015 Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl









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