Repeat Offender

Hello Earthlings…..How you all doing??? Hope you all are healthy and safe.

So they are a few things I need to talk about before, I start this post…So awhile ago Taylor Swift, came out hard on Kanye’s song famous,saying she knew nothing about it the song, that it is disrespectful and Kanye didn’t make her famous….Here is my personal opinion on the matter, before Kanye stood on that stage and said that Beyoncé deserves to win and not her, not everyone knew who Taylor Swift was and am talking about the people who don’t listen country music…so when that song came out and how she reacted, I was like not this again her playing the victim, and how Kanye’s camp was saying that they called her and she approved it…Then last week Kim released the videos that showed the world that she knew about the song….so Taylor Swift needs to stop playing victim cause it is getting annoying now.

Lately the Duchess of Cambridge is under fire because she repeated a couple of outfits, people think just she is royalty she can’t repeat outfits,people think that repeating  outfits when you have money or when your famous is taboo thing, but I think not because if something looks good it is okay to repeat it, a couple of times but not back to back cause that looks like you don’t have any other clothes, you can style the clothes differently accessorize it differently, to it to make the outfit look new again.

Here are some of the clothes she has repeated I personal think she looks better the second time she wore them, the clothes look like they fit her better.

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Be blessed and Stay safe

Song of the blog: Wild : Troye Sivan ft Alessia Cara


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