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Okay this post, is a little story time, I might do a video eventually…Let me know if you would like to see that.

Since it is Breast Cancer Month, It is highly publicise, I thought I should share my story  about my time with my old friend cancer, yes you read that right I am a cancer survivor.

I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when I was 11 year’s old. All I remember is crying the fact am not going to spend Christmas….. let me back-track a bit.

My mum’s friend notice that my right side of my neck was swollen, I remember waking up with a pain in my neck and some weird lumps that tended to come and go as they please, I later learned they were lymph nodes, plus the moved when I touched them. So back to my aunt noticing my swollen right side, she altered my mum, they asked some questions, eventulay she decided to take to the hospital the next day.

So we went, I am thankful for the  doctor who saw me, because living in a third world country you hear stories of being misdiagnosed, because an 11 yr old can’t not be having cancer, it was unheard of and we tended to classify cancer has a white people disease, affects the rich and people who live in first worlds.

So the doctor saw me, told my mum he wasn’t sure what it was and that we should run some test and get a CT Scan on my neck, ( this is where I cried about missing Christmas) when the results came back, he decided surgery was our best option.

We saw the surgeon, he told us to go home an enjoy Christmas and come back for the surgery on the 27th, so we did.

I don’t remember much, all I know is, I woke up early on the 27th, went through my first and only major surgery, woke up and could eat anything I wanted.

Stayed in the hospital, all through new year’s to recover and to wait for the results of my biopsy, I think the sample was sent out of the county. The results came back with stage on cancer.

I parents didn’t sit me down to explain, they did eventually, but I don’t think I understood, what it meant to have cancer. My parents were given four options New York, London, India or Stay home and seek treatment in Nairobi. They chose Nairobi because I had a support system and all my family, is in Nairobi

So we went, Nairobi and seeked treatment from, hematologist who treated me. The Chemo wasn’t bad in the beginning, meaning I  did not throw up, during treatment, the only bump in the road in the beginning was getting a bone marrow sample, that was not a pleasant experience.

By month two or I think three, it was when the normal results of going through chemo, I lost my hair although we cut it short so the affects weren’t so tragic, and I won’t be shocked when, my hair would evenutally fall out, I would wake up, and my hair would be on my pillow, or the bandana I wore to school. I didn’t cry when, I lost all my hair, it was liberating, didn’t have to comb, my hair in the morning, or washing my hair every one week, no salon costs. Losing my hair, taught me to be okay with the rest of my body, my hair didn’t define me, and I was okay with that.

I hated the smell of the hospital, I was in and the food, never used to eat, all the nurses knew that, till today I still fell nauseated when I walk into that hospital, so I threw up bile, because the last meal I had was on Thursday, and the next one was Saturday Afternoon, after I was discharged.

Let me point out, I didn’t live in the hospital, my doctor wanted me to have a normal childhood as possible, so every after two weeks, I would fly to Nairobi on a Thursday night, get chemo on Friday, get discharged on Saturday morning fly back to Mombasa in the afternoon, sleep and rest on Sunday, wake on Monday and go to school, although I did go home with an immune boast shot to increase my white blood cells.

Some of the struggles, we went through, the meds ran out so she had to order our own, for some time and our insurance did fall through but we got another insurance to cover the cost sometimes.

I had far and between episodes, one I when they could not find a vein, in the beginning, and they spent an hour, poke and prodding me to find a vein, all I remember is crying and my head off. And when I had my final chemo leaked on my right side of my neck and went through the process of blaming God of all the pain, I was in, I am numb on that side, and couldn’t turn my neck for sought and I stayed home and had a mattress in our sitting room.

The point of telling you all, this story is that early dectection is key, and the grace and prayers my family, had also helped.  I thank both of my doctors, the staff in the hospital I was in and the Man Above for seeing me through that time in my life. So go get check out, if you are feeling off, and always seek a second opinion if you are not, satisfied with the first one.

Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl

Song Of Post: Soul’s Anthem By Tori Kelly


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