The Myth That is Homesickness

Hello Earthlings….So I deleted this post by mistake… my blog has been giving me some issues so am going to try to remember what I wrote…


So I have been away from home for 2-3 years and I never have experienced home-sickness, the title suggests it is a myth, well I personal think it is a myth, I miss somethings from home, like my family and friends but not the country. So here is the list

  1. My mummy’s cooking: I will always miss the food my mom cooks although I have gotten good at cooking.
  2. Talks with my dad: I have these interesting conversation with my dad, which ran from advice, to business and anything underneath the sun.
  3. Driving myself places: When you are used to driving yourself places, getting used to public transport again is an adjustment, although the transport here is better than back-home.
  4. My tolerance( Drinking): I used to have a high tolerance for alcohol but living in China and rarely going out, I lost the tolerance I had.
  5. Random partying expeditions: I miss the fact that I could go for a random party, and road trips that I used to have, Lord knows I have ended up in Westie in PJs or clothes that I won’t wear to a club or a night out.
  6. Kenyan Food: I miss the food from home, especially coming from the coastal side, where good food is found almost everywhere,plus some of the traditional foods.
  7. Kenyan People: I miss the fun I would have when I would go to concerts, cause Kenyan’s are fun,nice people, to have fun with in a concert or music festival.
  8. Kenyan Way Of Life: I miss the easy way, Kenyans don’t always take things seriously
  9. The Nightlife: We don’t have bottle service, maybe cover charge of the entrance to the club.

I think home-sickness is myth because, Home is not a place is the people you have around you, you can make a home anywhere.


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