Turning 25

Hello Earthlings….IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!   YAAAY!!!!


When you read articles about turning 25, on the internet they say by 25 you should sort of have your life together,since your mid-smack in twenties and you are starting to be in your late twenties. So by twenty-five you should have at least achieved the following:

  1. Have your degree
  2. Started working & earning a living
  3. Maybe you have fallen in-love and working towards your future together
  4. Kinda moved out of your parents house
  5. Plus they are a couple of lists  around you should have completed,before turning 25.

Well I haven’t accomplished any of the things. I don’t have a degree, but I am completed Adv Diploma, I am currently single,a little afraid to start dating,still living and dependant on my parents or even tried to attempted any of the countless of lists on pinterest.

It is weird that last year on my birthday, I was terrified,having an anxiety attacks and not looking forward to my birthday,I said that last was going to be hard for me and it was one of my hardest birthday year.

So here is what turning 25 means to me, I wouldn’t change anything that happen to me in the past 25 years,because I wouldn’t be the person the I am today. I have grown to be independent,stable in myself,confident in myself, I have been alive for a quarter century.It is okay,that you don’t have your life together, anyway I am turning 25,and happy with the path and journey i am on.

So am going to make a sort of new year’s resolution a list of things, I want to do and hope to achieve them.

  1. Start meditating
  2. Living healthy ( Eating,working out)
  3. Embrace Love (Start dating)
  4. Concentrate on my blog & business
  5. Journal more (although will try)
  6. Try earning money
  7. Learn how to put on make-up
  8. Enjoy being 25
  9. Look after my skin more.

That is my list…… So Happy Birthday to me.


Signing Out Rambling Of a Kenyan Girl

Song of the blog: Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld & BDAY by Tank ft Chris Brown, Siya and Sage The Gemini




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