Types Of Friends.

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Making friends, as an adult is hard especially if you are an introvert, and a loner. I am going to share the type of friends, and what I have learnt from the past 27 year’s of my life.

Here is the thing, growing up we have to learn to let go of people and not to hold on, to toxic friendships. When those people are meant to be in our lives for a short period time and were meant to teach us a certain lesson. 

There is a quote that says’ ‘Show me your friends and I tell you who you are’ and I am going to try and share a. Medea/Taylor Perry quote hope I don’t butcher it. “ People are like trees, some come into your life who are seasonal and others are for lifetime, and some people are the leaves the change according to how it the wind blows and others are branches they make look stable but they are not, but when you find roots cause they are stable and unmoving” check out the speech the link is below.

Types Of Friends.

The ones you have in high-school or childhood: More often they are the friendships that last the longest, even if you don’t always communicate. You guys meet through school, family friends, I call them my Day Ones, they are loyal, know you the best and always give you the best advice.

Ride Or Die: They are down for whatever, always have your back, if it means rolling up on your boyfriends, help you burn his things. They are loyal and always gas(Hype) you up in any situation.

Workmates: You make them in work situations, you share the fact that you may not like your boss, they can turn into long lasting relationships. If you give them the opportunity.

The Leech: They never pay for, anything you are always footing the bill. They will always show up unannounced at your house and eat everything in your fridge.

Superficial/Acquaintance: These are friends, that are great for partying, it never goes deep you always run into them in parties or you hit them up when you want, to go out.

The Negative One: They never have anything, positive to say about, your achievements, relationships or anything positive happening in your life.

The Gossip: These ones share your secrets, with everyone in your circle of friends, and talk about you behind your back and it is never positive things.

I have told you the type of friends, now let me … you what makes a great/good friend.

What Makes A Good/Great Friend.

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