Valentine Date Ideas

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This post will Carter to my Single Earthlings and My couple Earthlings. The list will include normal ones and the out of the box, get your blood pumping kind of activities. For my single earthlings ideas will be in Italics.

Date Ideas

Paintballing: You can get a group of your couple friends and make a day out of it. In addition to you can also get a group of your single friends and make a day out of it.

Dinner/Lunch Date: This is the go to for couples, now to make this special make it a home cooked meal over candle light, or a picnic it it is a Lunchtime Date. Now if your single take yourself on a date or a group of single friends 

Movie Date: This is goes hand in hand with dinner. If your single take yourself to see a action movie or make it a with a group of your friends.

Spa Days: A couple massages, a day in the spa getting pamper it a great way to spend Valentines Day.  Singles take a spa day as your self-care day or make it a single girlfriend spa day.

Zip lining: Get your group of couple friends or a group of your single friends and go get your adrenaline rush.

Rock Climbing: Indoor or Outdoor places can be done, you can make it a weekend Getaway.

Hiking: Taking a hike that ends with a picnic date

A Scavenger Hunt: You take the time to create a hunt of all the things she loves, or gifts you have gotten for each other and it ends with a nice romantic candlelit dinner.

Weekend Getaway: The adventure category can include, Hiking, Bike riding or Atv and Rock climbing.

Alternatively it can be a Spa Weekend getaway that you both can relax and reconnect and be pampered.

I hope this as given you some ideas, on what to do this valentine. The next post will all about my Single Earthlings, and How we can survive this Valentine’s day 

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