What I Am Currently Listening To….

Hey Earthlings….

Happy Humpday, I want to inspire you guys to get you through the week.

I thought I would share the albums and songs  I am loving from a couple of Artists I am currently listening to on repeat.

To me music can change, your mood, some songs speak to your soul, Inspire you to leave a situation that is not healthy. Music can inspire you to fall in love again when you don’t want to. Music will not fail you.

I write most of my post to music because it is the best way for me to shut out the world and create, it keeps me focus on the job at hand.

Most of my songs in my iTunes have a story behind them, Music is to inspire, uplift and create memories.

I Hope you get to listen to some of these songs.

Signing Out Ramblings Of A Kenyan Girl


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