What I Wore

Hello Earthlings…….Hope ya’ll are are good

So this is the first fashion related post I am going to be posting since I plan to have a versatile blog.

So the other day I went to a dinner party and I did not know what to wear, and you would think with studying fashion marketing I would be at least know what to wear, but my fashion styling is comfortable, cause I believe if you’re comfortable in what you are wearing you can exude confidence and sexniess plus I can not be uncomfortable in my clothes or a whole night cause that will ruin my day




  1. H&M Pencil Skirt (Black)
  2. H&M Long sleeved Shirt (Black)
  3. Sleeveless Waterfall Sweater
  4. Yeezy Sneakers.

Song of the week: Let me love you by Ariana Grande ft Lil wayne

Be Blessed

Signing out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl



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