When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade

Hello  Earthlings……

So I wrote this blog awhile ago and it mysterly deleted it self and published it self with only the title and none of the insightful things I wrote….So here i go again.

Recently Queen B dropped her much anticipated album, after all the waiting and wondering when it is going to come out she does what she did last time and surprised us and dropped.


So by now you all have listened and watched Lemonde and had the whole WTF and WTH moments wondering did he (Jay Z) really do that, did he cheat on her???. Anyway in my opinion if it happened and or not, this is the most realest album she has released, it showed that marriage is hard that, they aren’t perfect people and we don’t know what happens behind closed doors and they are human.

It shows why she is on top of the game the visual album was artistically shot and it talked about all the problems that the black community is facing. It celebrated the fact that black women are beautiful,strong  and can accomplish  anything they put mind to.I personally love the album because certain songs to speak to your soul and it is kinda ratchet.

If you haven’t watched or heard Lemonade you should totally watch it. Here are some of the the albums that have come out that might have been overshadowed by Lemonde.



Drake: Views

Ariana Grande: Dangerous Woman

K.Michelle: More Issues Than Vogue

MAX: Hell’s Kitchen Angel

Meghan Trainor: Thank You


Song of the week: Hold Up & Sorry by Beyonce

Be Blessed people

Singing Out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl








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