Why I Started Blogging.

Hello Earthlings… Three Days to my birthday……Yaaay…

So why I started blogging, I read an article that said, I should have a journal, and since I am not a pen to paper kind of girl, I thought a blog fit my personality better. I did not start this blog to start making money, but I did do my research on how to monetize a blog, however, I would be grateful is does start making money down the line, I can’t live off my parents forever.

This is not my first blog but living in China, some sites have been blocked, had to start over, and that’s how Out-Place Kenyan was born. It came to me at a moment when I need something to be my creative outlet and since I can’t draw or paint, to save my life.

Writing and voicing my opinions, sharing them with the world is something, I want to do. My vision for my blog is to create a global brand and a name for myself. To be the first stop for people to seek advice, research new cultures, my blog offers entertainment to my readers and to also to help inspire, give insight to young women who are leaving home for the first time, struggling through life and experiencing new cultures. It is a place where you are accepted for who you are.

So that is basically why I started blogging…

Signing Out Ramblings of a Kenyan Girl


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